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Book Review Information

Review essays should engage the interpretation, meaning, or importance of an author’s argument for a wider scholarly audience. If you are interested in writing a book review, please send an email to Dr. Ndubueze Mbah ( or Dr. Mark Deets (, the JWAH book review editors.

Books for Review

Veils, Turbans and Islamic Reform in Northern Nigeria by Elisha P. Renne (2018) (Indiana University Press, 978-0-253-03655-1)

Singing Yoruba Christianity: Music, Media, and Morality by Vicki L. Brennan (2018) (Indiana University Press, 78-0-2530-3209-6)

Masquerading Politics: Kinship, Gender, and Ethnicity in a Yoruba Town​ by John Thabiti Willis (2017) (Indiana University Press, 978-0-2530-3146-4)

Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Historical Approach, ed. Moses Ochonu (2018) (Indiana University Press, 978-0-2530-3438-0)

A Primer for Teaching African History: Ten Design Principles by Trevor R. Getz (2018) (Duke University Press,  978-0-8223-6982-0)

Colonial Transactions: Imaginaries, Bodies, and Histories in Gabon by Florence Bernault (2019) (Duke University Press, 978-1-4780-0158-4)

Moral Economies of Corruption: State Formation and Political Culture in Nigeria by Steven Pierce (2016) (Duke University Press, 978-0-8223-6091-9)

Religion and The Making of Nigeria by Olufemi Vaughan (2016) Duke University Press, 978-0-8223-6227-2)

Countless Blessings: A History of Childbirth and Reproduction in the Sahel by Barbara Cooper (2019) (Indiana University Press, 978-0-253-04201-9)

Africans in Exile: Mobility, Law, and Identity edited by Nathan Riley Carpenter and Benjamin N. Lawrance (2018) (Indiana University Press, 978-0-253-03808-1)

Emergent Masculinities: Gendered Power and Social Change in the Biafran Atlantic Age by Ndubueze L. Mbah (2019) (Ohio University Press, 978-0-8214-2389-9)

Market Encounters: Consumer Cultures in Twentieth-Century Ghana by Bianca Murillo (2017) (Ohio University Press, 978-0-8214-2289-2)

African Miracle, African Mirage: Transnational Politics and the Paradox of Modernization in Ivory Coast by Abou B. Bamba (2016) (Ohio University Press, 978-0-8214-2239-7)

Converging on Cannibals: Terrors of Slaving in Atlantic Africa, 1509-1670 by Jared Staller (2019) (Ohio University Press, 978-0-8214-2353-0)

Amilcar Cabral: Nationalist and Pan-Africanist Revolutionary by Peter Karibe Mendy (2019) (Ohio University Press, 978-0-8214-2372-1)

The Second Colonial Occupation: Development Planning, Agriculture, and the Legacies of British Rule in Nigeria by Bekeh Utietiang Ukelina (2017) (Lexington Books, 978-1-4985-2924-2)

Culture, Precepts, and Social Change in Southeastern Nigeria: Understanding the Igbo edited by Apollos O. Nwauwa and Ogechi E. Anyanwu (2020) (Lexington Books, 978-1-4985-8968-0)

Pentecostal Republic: Religion and the Struggle for State Power in Nigeria by Ebenezer Obadare (2018) (Zed Books, 978-1-78699-237-6)

Liberated Africans and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1807-1896 edited by Richard Anderson and Henry B. Lovejoy (2020) (University of Rochester Press, 978-1-58046-969-2)

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